Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unstick your nail polish bottles

Have you ever used your teeth to open your nail polish? I know I have, here is a quick tip to cleaning your nail polish bottles so you can open them easily every time.

So this is what it looks like before. I used my teeth to open it because it was really stuck.
So the tools you need are just a cotton pad and nail polish remover.

Soak the cotton pad with nail polish remover.
Wipe the outside of the bottle with nail polish remover to remove all that dried, caked up nail polish.

Go over it a few times if you need to. I think I used about 3 cotton pads.
Just keep going in circles around until it all comes off.

You have a clean bottle of nail polish. 
Now close it and open it easily the next time you want to use it.
Thanks for watching and I hope this helps you!

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  1. I came across this little thing called a Cap Ninja, and it is absolutely wonderful! Haven't found one bottle it won't open. It's a darling little pink spiral that looks neat on the cap! I found it on their website