Friday, September 16, 2011

My $1 finds and my new favorite eyeliner

I had some time to kill today and I decided to go to the 99 cents store. I was actually looking for a tri-pod that I saw at Dollar Tree but thought I would try there. So I always check out the make-up section and found some awesome stuff.

Almay Pure Blends in Ivory
I really like this color for a quick day time look. You can also use it as a highlight for the brow bone of on the inner corners of you eyes to brighten them.

Aziza Lipstick in Kiss Me Pink
I really like Aziza Lipsticks and I've tried a few of them but never this one. Look out for my swatch of it and how to pull off pink lipstick.

ChapStick Shimmer
This chapstick smells sooo good. Its like a Pina Colada on your lips. This looks good under matte lipstick to add a hint of shimmer. Also by itself with a dark smokey eye.

E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee
This is my first eyeliner from ELF and I LOVE it. I'm so shocked. I got a brown because I have a ton of black. This goes really nice with my everyday neutral eye.

ELF was actually bought at Target, I'm sorry I just remembered.

This is the picture of me with it on. I love it and it was so simple to do the wing. It's super dark and almost looks black.

These were all a dollar at the 99 Cents store except for the ELF eyeliner which was at Target and they were all purchased with my own money.
I hope you all enjoyed!

Embrace the world with your own genuine style.

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