Monday, February 18, 2013

My story and I gotta get my booty on track!

I need to get my ass up off the couch, stop drinking soda, beer, and eating bunch of junk food. Sorry this isn't a post about makeup but I need to write down how I'm feeling so I stick with it.

From 14 years old to about 20 I hated my body and had an eating disorder. I lost a bunch of weight but I wasn't healthy. I wouldn't eat for days and days, I was always tried and always had a head ache.

Fast forward to almost 5 years ago, I met my hubby and his family, they were always so sweet and amazing. His mother is an EXCELLENT cook. I started to eat more in a day then I used to in a week. Yes I gained weight but I felt healthier.

When I got preggers with son I was 150 and at my 9 month mark before he was born I was about 185. I was really really big. Luckily after I had him I went back down to my 150 pretty quickly but it wasn't where I wanted to be.

9 months ago I had my daughter and the whole pregnancy I was determined to lose all the weight and more. I had her and dropped to 150 really quickly. I was breast feeding, eating healthy, and exercising. The lowest I got to was 125. I was happy. It still where I wanted to be but it was a good start.

The holidays came around and I stopped working out and started to drink soda again and I gained about 6lbs. I was hating it but I wasn't doing anything to stop it. I weighed my self a couple days ago and I was 136lbs.

So yesterday I woke up and I started to really hate myself. I was getting sad because some of my clothes were getting tight. I'm not comfortable in my own skin and that made it worse. I need to make a change I need to start liking the mirror.

Today I went for a 30 min walk, I ate pretty healthy, and I did some lunges and wieghts. I want to get myself back on track to that body that I really really wanted and know I can have. I hope you guys didn't mind my long post about myself. Sorry!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Viva Glam Nicki 2

I am loving lavender right now!  I think it is going to be the color of the Spring season. What do you think?

Here are some swatches of Nicki and Nicki 2

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Here are some swatches of the Sugarpill Palette I got from IMATS.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Dupe Alert!

So I went on a search for some dupes this weekend. I succeeded once and a fail the second time. 

This first one is a fail. I was trying to dupe MAC Cozy Up and couldn't find anything exact. That color is limited and is such a beautiful color and to me the perfect nude. I even tried mixing Honeylove with Ravishing but it didn't work.

Ok this one is a success. I was actually trying to match MAC Currant but I ended up matching MAC Vino to NYX Deep Purple. I think it is perfect. I over swatched MAC Vino so it looks a little darker. 

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My IMATS experience!

Hey everyone. So I finally got to go to IMATS this year and I was so over whelmed by all the people and the lines. Hopefully by the next one I can attend the PRO event. Here are just a few photos of the awesome people I met and the stuff I got.

Ok first off this is my makeup for IMATS. I did a true smokey eye with brown colors.

Eye Kandy Cosmetics. I follow these awesome ladies on Instagram and wanted to meet them and decided to purchase some glitter. Missy and Victoria were so helpful!

Of course went to Sugarpill Cosmetics

Cool FX looking MUA

The oh so AMAZING Petrilude!! Love the makeup.

I was super excited to meet Eve Pearl. 

FX creature

Amy from Sugarpill Cosmetics
Last but not least I met the so sweet Talia Joy. She is so sweet and always has a smile on her face. She is such an inspiration.

MY HAUL!!!!!!
BH Cosmetics 10 Blush Palette
Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Buff
MAC Face and body foundation in C2, e/s in Ricepaper and Lashes
Cinema Secrets Concealer and Foundation Palette #4

Crown Brushes, BH Cosmetics brushes and one Sigma brush
Red Cherry lashes and miscellaneous lashes
Eve Pearl clear cosmetic bags
Z-Palette (rice paper is inside)

New Sugarpill palette
OCC Lip tar in Hush and Anime
Lime Crime Lipstick
Eye Kandy Cosmetics Kandy Bag

Thats it! Thanks for stopping by and I'm so sorry for the picture heavy post. I will try to post more if you guys are interested.

"Embrace the world with your own genuine style" - Niki

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Makeup: Bruising

My bruising done with makeup. My son thought it was funny to pretend to punch me in the face

Kim Kardashian Inspired

 Kim Kardashian Inspired

I love the true smokey eye that the Kardashian's always do. This is my recreation of the same look.