Monday, September 19, 2011

Crackle Nail Polish on top of Pink Glitter

Hi all!! So I decided to do a glitter crackle nail polish and I wanted to post my pictures on how I did it. So here we go.

The tools you need:
Pink Polish
Pink Glitter Polish
Black Crackle
Clear Polish
A stiff flat brush
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Rounds
(Not the remote control)

Start by polishing all your nails with the pink, just one coat.
Let that dry and paint 2 coats of glitter on top, allow each to dry in between
Once Coat

Two Coats
Allow it to FULLY dry, the crackle works best on super dry nails.
Don't worry about the spill on your skin because we are going to wipe that off after.

Once it is dry, apply the crackle on top and watch what happens.

Black OPI crackle

The pink shows through just a little. 
The crackle polish dries very dull.
Allow it to dry and apply a clear coat.

Let that dry and apply a second clear coat, and once that is dry we can clean up our polish.

To clean the polish from the skin this is what you will need.

A flat round cotton.
A brush with a stiff flat side.
The cap of the nail polish remover filled with a little remover.
All you do is dip the edge of the brush in the polish remover and wipe the side of your nail.
It will come right off, clean it on the cotton and continue with all your nails.

Now enjoy your beautiful nails and get a ton of compliments!!

Embrace the world with your own genuine style!

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