Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY: How to make your old jewelry look new again!!

Hi all!! I was going through some old jewelry of mine that I just LOVE but can not seem to part with and decided to re-paint it so I can start wearing it again. I did 2 rings and an old keychain that has sentimental value to me. I'm going to show you what I did so you can do it too. Enjoy!

Ok so here is my key chain:

This is my initial in Armenian (yes I'm Armenian) 

1) Ok So what you do is sand it down with sand paper, the reason for this is so the paint will adhere better to what ever you want to paint. 

This is the sand paper I used, I just cut a small piece of it.

2) Make sure you sand all of it down and make sure it is all even.

This is what it should look like

3) Lay the piece of jewelry down on a flat surface covered in newspaper or anything to protect your surface and spray a thin layer over the top.

The paint that I used (I love this color)
2 coats of paint

4) Let the paint dry and spray a second coat.
5) Let that coat dry and flip it over and spray a layer on top of that making sure you get the edges.
6) When that dries spray the second coat over.
7) After that last coat dries, put a clear coat over the top, I used a clear nail polish because it gave a really nice gloss.
8) Let that dry and flip it over and do the bottom.

2 coats of gloss
9) Once that dries you are all done, enjoy your brand new piece of jewelry.

The possibilities are endless because you can even re-paint something new that you just bought but did like the color but loved the design.

Here are some pictures of 2 rings I did. The big one with a tree was an ugly faded silver color but it was so unique looking I just couldn't part with it. 

I hope you all enjoyed and I hope to see some your before and after of your old jewelry.

Embrace the world with your won genuine style!

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