Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Remedy to reduce pimple size

My cousin Maria is an esthetician, she gives me all these awesome tips on home remedies for my hair, nails, and face. She does at home facials and waxing, she's great! Anyway, I have been breaking out like crazy because I've been so stressed out. So she told me a great tip to reduce the size of a pimple and help with redness. I wanted to share it with all of you. The embarrassing part is I'm going to post before and after pictures. So I hope you all enjoy and this technique works for you.

Here is a before picture of my pimples:
 My forehead

My left cheek
These are all before pictures. Gross I know I'm sorry.

My home remedy steps:
Make sure your face is freshly washed.

1) Ok so all you do is take an Excedrin or something with a high mg of Aspirin.
2) Crush it up between a paper towel with a spoon or something.
3) Pour it into like a small cup like a shot glass or something similar
4) Add a drop or two of water, enough to make a thick paste.
5) With your finger, pat it onto your pimples, make sure its a good thick layer.

I look ridiculous I know, my husband looked at me and just walked away.

6) leave it on until it dries and hardens, you'll feel it tingling just a little.
7) Wash it off with warm water really well
8) Continue with your daily skin care regimen and it should look a lot better.
Here are my after pictures.

Forehead after

Right cheek after

So I'm going to do this everyday twice a day for a few days and it should be gone within a few days and leave no scar on the face. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post sorry its so long. Please subscribe!!

Ciao Niki Chennell

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