Monday, February 18, 2013

My story and I gotta get my booty on track!

I need to get my ass up off the couch, stop drinking soda, beer, and eating bunch of junk food. Sorry this isn't a post about makeup but I need to write down how I'm feeling so I stick with it.

From 14 years old to about 20 I hated my body and had an eating disorder. I lost a bunch of weight but I wasn't healthy. I wouldn't eat for days and days, I was always tried and always had a head ache.

Fast forward to almost 5 years ago, I met my hubby and his family, they were always so sweet and amazing. His mother is an EXCELLENT cook. I started to eat more in a day then I used to in a week. Yes I gained weight but I felt healthier.

When I got preggers with son I was 150 and at my 9 month mark before he was born I was about 185. I was really really big. Luckily after I had him I went back down to my 150 pretty quickly but it wasn't where I wanted to be.

9 months ago I had my daughter and the whole pregnancy I was determined to lose all the weight and more. I had her and dropped to 150 really quickly. I was breast feeding, eating healthy, and exercising. The lowest I got to was 125. I was happy. It still where I wanted to be but it was a good start.

The holidays came around and I stopped working out and started to drink soda again and I gained about 6lbs. I was hating it but I wasn't doing anything to stop it. I weighed my self a couple days ago and I was 136lbs.

So yesterday I woke up and I started to really hate myself. I was getting sad because some of my clothes were getting tight. I'm not comfortable in my own skin and that made it worse. I need to make a change I need to start liking the mirror.

Today I went for a 30 min walk, I ate pretty healthy, and I did some lunges and wieghts. I want to get myself back on track to that body that I really really wanted and know I can have. I hope you guys didn't mind my long post about myself. Sorry!!

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